21st Century Hydropower

Power21 specialises in world-leading technology for the installation, maintenance and upgrading of small-scale hydropower within the British Isles.

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Why we only provide the best technology

Power21 offers a range of solutions for those seeking to install new, or maintain existing, small-scale hydropower generators in the British Isles. We only recommend using the highest quality proven technology that generates the greatest and most reliable return on investment over the medium to long term. Although cheaper alternatives are available, these will often result in a false economy, as higher maintenance and replacement costs, with less efficient power returns, can make these economically unsustainable. Click here to see some case studies.

Do small-scale hydropower installations impair the riverine environment?

Much speculation has been circulating to suggest that hydropower installations on waterways are damaging to river health and wildlife. In fact, a well implemented small-scale hydropower installation will, on the contrary, produce many positive effects for the river’s health, improving habitats for both fish and wildlife in general, as well as mitigating against flood and drought in the wider river catchment. Find out more here.